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Wednesday, June 26, 2013

Feed a labourer this Ramadan, as the UAE gets charitable this holy month

Volunteer in UAE, Adopt-a-Camp and other organisations start campaigning to ensure no one sleeps hungry with free iftar meals; learn how you can help

Embracing the spirit of Ramadan this season, UAE residents are being urged to step up and get charitable in a bid to ensure no one sleeps hungry this holy month.
Organisations such as Volunteer in UAE and Karama Kanteen have teamed up with hospitality institutions and internet group buying sites to facilitate iftar meals for a nominal cost and feed labourers in camps across the country.

Volunteers are being encouraged to donate online or by simply setting aside their time to spread awareness and assist in creating care packages.

Here’s what you can do:

Gift a meal and time with Volunteer in UAE

Teaming up with internet group buying site, Dealgobbler, Volunteer in UAE is urging residents to feed two labourers this Ramadan and embrace the spirit of zakat.

The voluntary charitable organisation has partnered with City Chef that facilitates meals for just Dh32, and you can purchase as many vouchers as you like.

As part of this campaign, Dealgobbler is also waiving any commission and shoulders all the payment transaction fees for all the sales that goes towards this cause.

The contribution includes two sets of meals, each with 500 grams of chicken biryani, water, dates, a laban drink and dessert.

Volunteers from Volunteer in UAE, along with volunteers from other sponsors, will go to different labour camps in Al Quoz, Sonapur and Sharjah with over 30,000 labourers to distribute the meals.
You can also take part in this event by volunteering with meal preparation and distribution of the meals you sponsor. 

All it takes is Dh10

Keeping in with the spirit of giving, all it takes is Dh10 to feed someone a meal this Ramadan, as group buying site, Yallabanana, goes all out in encouraging residents to donate a meal. 

The regular iftar meal for Dh10 includes a chicken biryani with chicken gravy on it, plus water or laban and dates.

Contribute an additional four dirhams and you can buy a deluxe iftar meal, which includes assorted fried items such as samosas, shammi kababs, pakoras, along with juice and dates.
The company aims to deliver these iftar meals to local mosques and labour camps throughout the holy month.

You can also collect these meals from the restaurant if you would like to distribute by yourself. 

Flea 4 Charity’s iftar hour

This Ramadan, Flea 4 Charity aim to host iftars for the unsung heroes that have contributed greatly towards building the UAE and made it what it is – the labourers. 

The organisation is urging residents to contribute towards the cause by either donating cash directly or through corporate sponsorship. 

All proceeds will go towards the purchase of iftar packages at approximately Dh7 per person. This package will include dates, water, main dish and dessert. 

For donation or more information, please get in touch via SMS on 050 162 2716 or visit its Facebook page.

Adopt a camp
Adopt-a-Camp teams up with Dubai Chamber for a ‘Ramadan Care Package Night’ tp put together care packages for labourers in the emirate.

Join Saher Shaikh, founder of Adopt-a-Camp and her team, with this two-day event on July 24 (from 12pm until 7pm) and July 25 (from 6pm until 11pm). 

With participation from over 8000 volunteers last year, this year’s event is encouraging volunteers to either pitch in on the two days or help to source supplies or spread the word.

Should you wish to contribute towards the care packages, please contact Saher Shaikh at . Kindly note the deadline for contributions is 11th July.
Also take note that this will require a lot of physical labour including lifting and moving boxes and unpacking supplies. 

Participation of children is recommended on that day, however only for specifically allocated tasks.
To register as a volunteer for either of the above two dates, please visit
Red Crescent Authority Charity Programmes

The Red Crescent Authority (RCA) also runs during the holy month its seasonal Ramadan charity campaign across Abu Dhabi. 

This year, the authority targets to collect Dh100 million during Ramadan to support its various charity operations including the Ramadan project which involves Ramadan supplies programme, provision of free iftar meals and distribution of Zakat Al-Fitr and Eid clothing to thousands of deserving families within the UAE and abroad. 

RCA is also setting up 120 tents across the UAE and aims to reach out to 250,000 people in the country. 

In addition, it distributes coupons among poor and underprivileged families to meet their basic nutritional requirements during Ramadan.

The registration process of beneficiaries is held at Red Crescent Abu Dhabi branch.
In addition, interested individuals, companies and organisations can make their contributions through the counters of Red Crescent Society located within mosques, shopping malls, hospitals and other public places.

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