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Friday, June 7, 2013

Islamic Quality Standard (IQS)

Hotel Islamic Quality Standard (IQS) will be on the following Islamic requirement :

    1. IQS One       : Basic
    2. IQS Two       : Standard
    3. IQS Three     : Comfort
    4. IQS Four       : First Class
    5. IQS Five       : Luxury
    6. IQS Six         : Super Luxury
    7. IQS Seven     : Super Excellent Luxury

IQS for Hotels

The Islamic quality standards are for accessing the quality of serviced accommodation  in accordance to the islamic principle. The hotel only be eligible for special Islamic Quality Standard Awards if the hotel choose to obtain their standard through annual UCSC (Universal Crescent Standard Center) inspection. 

When UCSC inspectors visit the property, they will evaluate and give a quality score to all aspects of the accommodations and service.

The objectives of Universal Crescent Standard Centre is to create standards which are in conforming with Islamic principles, in various fields which include but not limited to Islamic Tourism Industry, Islamic Banking and Finance and Islamic Insurance. This move is based on private initiative with the hope to get various supports from universities and government agencies. 

The work of Professor Shaya'a Othman and Associate Professor Dr. Nor'ain Othman in formulating IQS-Islamic Quality Standards for Hotel Industry creates the interest of UCSC to publish it as we as ti adopt it, as a guiedeline of measuring and classifying levels of quality for hotels, not only in Malaysia but also all over the world.

The significant increase in Muslim Tourists arrivals in the world has put a great demand for accommodations which are "Muslim Friendly". If we exclude Muslims pilgrimage to Mecca and Medina, Malaysia is the top preference for Muslims tourists followed by Turkey. The easy availability of Halal foods in both countries, make these countries as the preferred destinations of Muslim tourist. It was reported in daily Milliyet of Turkey that the needs for such "Muslim friendly" accommodations in Turkey increased to about 200% just over the past 5 years.

It is timely that a standard of classifying accommodations which are n conformation to Islamic principles should be introduced in the markets. The formulation of IQS-Islamic Quality Standard for Hotel and the publication the book is a step forward of introducing such Islamic standard in Tourism Industry or Islamic Tourism

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