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Friday, August 30, 2013

7th international conference on Muslim tourism convening soon

There is a 1.7 billion Muslim population worldwide and so far there is no concerted effort to promote Muslim travel. The World Islamic Tourism Mart serves to fill this need.

This September, two of the biggest events in the travel and tourism industry - the World Islamic Tourism Mart (WITM) and the Malaysian Association of Tour & Travel Agents (MATTA) Fair – have combined to become the WITM-MATTA Fair.

WITM 2013 is comprised of three events in one, namely as the WITM Conference, WITM Travel Exchange, and the WITM Travel Fair. The MATTA Fair, Malaysia's premier travel extravaganza, will provide global exposure and endless business opportunities in this exciting era of groundbreaking travel innovations and technological advent.

Slots for the event that is just a couple of weeks away are filling up rapidly. As the topics covered during the conference have been well selected and speakers chosen with care, MATTA assures that it is a conference to learn from the experts on how to tap into this vast tourism market.

For a long time, Muslim travel only concerned countries that had a sizeable Muslim population, but seeing the potential in it, even non-Muslim countries like Japan have jumped on the bandwagon. Learn how Japan is dealing with halal requirements which is so critical to Muslim travelers.
The WITM-MATTA Fair is being held from September 4-5 at the Putra World Trade Centre in Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia.

Islamic leaders in India issue fatwa against cartoons

Bugs Bunny (right) and other animated characters are under a fatwa issued by Islamic clerics in India, who say cartoons make a mockery of what the religious leaders say are Allah's creations.

Islamic clerics in India have issued a fatwa against cartoons, saying the animated shows make a mockery of what they say are Allah’s creations.

The ban stems from religious leaders at Darul Uloom seminary in the India community of Deoband, BBC reported. It encompasses all animated shows, even those with comedic tones, such as cartoons, saying such watching violates the basic principles of Islam, the Deccan Herald reported.
“A cartoon is a picture,” said senior cleric Mufti Arif Quasmi in the Deccan Herald. “Besides, it is not for the children. It should not be watched.”

Strict Islamic law says nothing that Allah created should be mocked — and that cartoons actually mimic what Allah created. At the same time, other interpreters of Islamic law say photographs and real videos are permitted.

The cartoon ban already has been met with some skepticism.
One member of the All India Personal Law Board said the Darul Uloom determination was actually “making a mockery” of Islam.

“I don’t think the muftis who issued the fatwa have any knowledge of the subject or have applied their mind to understanding the art of cartoons at all,” said one senior imam, BBC reported.
Darul Uloom in the past has issued fatwas against women wearing perfume with alcohol, having tattoos, donning jeans or adopting hairstyles similar to those worn by women in the West.

Thursday, August 29, 2013

Super Power Muslim Nations in Year 2050?

CMM political observer, New York.

TURKEY in the West, and MALAYISA in the East

Turkey in the West and Malaysia in the East, are the only Muslim Nations continue to enjoy stable economic and political growths for the past 10 years. They become models to other Muslim Nations. The capability of Malaysia to manufacture high technology products, as well as the capability of Turkey to manufacture high technology military equipment, worries the west.
If these trends continue to grow, many political analysts in the west predicted that Turkey will become Super Power in 2050, with both economic and military power.  Malaysia on the other hand will become Economic power at par or superior than that of Japan. 


Malaysia a nation grows from within a short period of less than 20 years developed from a nation with several Natural Jungle Parks full of tall trees, to a nation of Sophisticated High-Tech Parks full of High-Tech Manufactures. Thanks to the Muslims leaders in Malaysia who are able to lead the nation to this stage.  

Turkey on the other has the great history of being the Greatest Muslims Empire in the world under the Osmania, known as Ottoman Empire. This Muslim Empire is the pride of not only every Turkish people, but also the Muslims at large. For more than 600 years they were able to rule part of Africa, European and Asian Continents. The Ottoman Empire was one of the major political forces that shaped the history of the Southeaster Europe for hundreds years. Also the Ottoman states were the sources of scientific and technological knowledge that sphere the present development in these areas. 

 Today we can see that the development that is taking place in Turkey for the past 10 years is steadily   going toward the direction of prosperity and glory of Ottoman Empire. This is a good development for the Muslim world, but unfortunately not to the Western world.