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Sunday, December 1, 2013

President of Asia Regional Assembly of Scholars endorsed Caprice Gold Group Turkey

Asia Regional Assembly of Islamic Scholars, [SHURA], invested in Caprice Gold Istanbul Hotel,

By Ottoman, Our Special correspondent from Istanbul

Istanbul, November 29, 2013. Sheikh Ustaz Abdul Ghani Shamsudin, President of Asia Regional Assembly of Islamic Scholars [SHURA] visited Caprice Gold Group Istanbul. He was welcomed by The Founder and Chairman of Caprice Gold Group, Mr. Fadil Akgunduz and The Group CEO Mr. Shaya’a Othman.

Sheikh Abdul Ghani who is very fluent in Arabic and English said “I came here on the way to attend the World Assembly of Islamic Scholars which will be held in Doha, next week”. “I heard so much the works of Mr. Fadil Akgunduz in establish chain of Islamic Compliance hotels in Turkey, and his plan to establish similar hotels in Asia, particularly in Malaysia, and I came here to learn more about his works”

Sheikh Ustaz Abdul Ghani Shamsudin handed a special gift
to Mr Fadil Akgunduz as a symbol of Friendship & Cooperation
between Caprice Gold and SHURAH
“I was very impressed about the works of Mr. Fadil Akgunduz and his professional teams lead by Prof Shaya’a Othman. I considered Mr., Fadil Akgunduz as a visionary Muslim Businessman who work for bringing up the glory of Islam in business, in accordance to Islamic principles, It is an obligation for us to support him.”
“The SHURA which I am represented have decided to invest in the Caprice Gold Istanbul Project, We not a rich organization, but our little investment will show our commitment and believe in works being carried out by Caprice Gold Group for the betterment of Muslim Ummah”

Sheikh Ustaz Abdul Ghani received Sales and Purchased agreement from Mr Fadil Akgunduz,
witnessed by Mr Shaya'a Othman and Sheikh wife.

In response to the statement made by Sheikh Abdul Ghani, Mr. Fadil Akgunduz said “We are honored by the visit of Sheikh as well as the investment made by the Asia Regional Assembly of Islamic Scholars [SHURA] in Caprice Gold Hotel Project”. “I am touched and thanks Allah for the supports of SHURA and personally of Sheikh Ustaz Abdul Ghani to realize this project of Caprice Gold Istanbul”.

In conclusion Mr Fadil said “It really motivate all of us in Caprice Gold Group to work harder. We know that not only our efforts are supported by the Turkish, but also our Muslims brothers in the Far East, thousand kilometers away”

Received Islamic Quality Standard - 5 Crescent Standard

The Caprice Gold Group is currently operating a luxury resort hotel [CAPRICE THERMAL PALACE at Didim] in compliance with islamic principles since 1996. It is known to be the first world islamic Resort Hotel. and Dec 2012 the hotel received the Islamic Quality Standard IQS 5 Crescent standard .

 It is the first hotel in the world to receive the award rom Universal Crescent Standard Center [UCSC].

CAPRICE GOLD ISTANBUL Will be in operation 2014.
The biggest in Europe with 1100 luxury rooms.
Received  Islamic Quality Standard IQS  7 Crescent Standard 
The second luxury hotel which is under construction and will be in operation in 2014, known as CAPRICE GOLD ISTANBUL. This Istanbul Hotel received Islamic Quality Standar IQS 7 Crescent Standard from UCSC in December 2012. It is also the first hotel in the world to receive such a prestigious award of IQS & Crescent Standard. Caprice Gold Group strictly follows the Islamic principles in all its business activities - from its financial resources [which is free from riba] to its services and
products which are all halal.

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