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Wednesday, December 4, 2013


Turkish Armed Forces Foundation Company inks MoU with RBTS

page 12 (1)_20131204Havelsan, a Turkish Armed Forces Foundation Company signed
an agreement to provide a state-of-the-art military software
and simulator system for the RBTS Training Simulator Centre. –

|     Aziz Idris     |
HAVELSAN, a Turkish Armed Forces Foundation Company, has signed an agree-ment to provide state-of-the-art military software and simulator system for the Royal Brunei Technical Service (RBTS) Training Simulator Centre (TSC) in Penanjong Garrison.
The signing ceremony was held at the RBTS Booth located at the BRIDEX 2013 where Atilla Gurdere represented Havelsan as Chairman of the Board while RBTS was represented by the Chief Executive Officer of Royal Brunei Technical Services and Exhibition Director of BRIDEX 2013, Hjh Rosmawati binti Hj Manaf.
According to the Chairman, the MoU will focus on providing RBTS’ TSC with a simulator system called the Artillery Forward Observer and Mortar (Fire Direction Centre Simulator) for training forward observers and joint call for fire.

This training simulator can create scenarios with static and moving targets on various terrains view, target practice and administration training in order to develop coordination between army personnel as well as to observe the effects of artillery weapons and combinations of various ammunitions.
It also features a simulation of shooting calculations and the effects of environmental conditions at real-time combat field with visuals and aural effects.
The simulation is displayed with high resolution 3D images and has been utilised by Turkish, Pakistan, Georgian, Azerbaijan, Turkmenistan Land Forces.
Atilla Gurdere told reporters that he attended BRIDEX 2013 to personally sign the MoU yesterday. “This is to show my support and seriousness of the issue to the matter, which is to support the Royal Brunei Armed Forces through RBTS.
“We are very pleased to sign the agreement and this is the first step of our cooperation and I hope our relations will improve day-by-day. We don’t want to just sell something to Brunei; we want to be trusted by the Bruneian armed forces as well,” he noted.
Hjh Rosmawati binti Hj Manaf was also delighted with the MoU, and commented that “RBTS has picked the right choice” in acquiring quality simulation and training systems that will benefit the country’s militaries as well as extending the services to other Brunei government security agencies.
Havelsan is a software and systems company that presents global solutions in defence and IT sectors.
The Turkish company has developed and installed Naval Combat systems, Air Defence Systems, Management Information Systems, Simulation and Training Systems, Homeland Security Systems, Energy Management Systems and e-government solutions. 

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