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Tuesday, December 10, 2013


Al Hilal Islamic Banking Service with new products from Ahlibank recently inaugurated it’s seventh branch in Wattayah. The opening of Al Hilal Islamic Banking Services’ seventh branch comes within the commitment of the bank to remain close to its customers and provide them with high quality service and sharia compatible products.
Branches of al Hilal Islamic Banking are now available in Sumail, Bahla, Rustaq, Saham, CBD area , Salalah and in Wattayah, making the network of branches the largest Islamic banking network in the country. Abdullah bin Salem al Jabri , GM, Al Hilal Islamic Banking Services, said “Last January, Ahlibank launched Al Hilal Islamic Banking services with customer services being the key pillar in the foundation. We organised a number of specialized training courses for our employees covering different areas of Islamic banking to ensure that they are well-poised to render high quality services to our customers. This commitment on service quality is also carried forward in the products that Al Hilal Islamic Banking services from Ahlibank offers the customers.
Our goal was to facilitate sharia compliant products and services to the general population and insure that the services are in the reach of a large demographic. I am proud to say that through our seven branches network we now have a presence that keeps us close to our customers all around the sultanate. ‘Our products are designed in a way to bring economic and social value to the society. The addition of the seventh new branch will provide us with a new platform through which we can provide customers with high quality products and services that are tailored to meet the needs of the customers, he added.
Sheikh Aflah bin Ahmed al Khalili, member of the SSB at al Hilal Islamic Banking, said ‘Islamic banking is one of the main pillars of the Islamic economy. We get the benefit of everything when our products and services are sharia-compliant. The Islamic economy surely brings benefit to all stakeholders and can cover all aspects of our life. Islamic banking has made steady strides in non-Muslim countries as well which means that Islamic model itself is a successful model whether implemented in Muslim countries or Non-Muslim countries.” For further details on the products and services from Al Hilal, you can contact the 24 hours call centre

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