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Tuesday, July 30, 2013

Islamic clothes are now the growing trend in Kashmir


Over the past two and a half decades Kashmiri woman has changed drastically. She has started moving out in search of education and work. And to give more credit to her daily activities in a typically orthodox society now she has adorned an Islamic get-up .

With an increasing religious awareness and pro-hijab campaigns in the West, today more women in Kashmir are opting for a new and changed outfit in a bid to maintain and support their religious identity.

In Kashmir’s busiest market place, Shakil has been selling headscarves and gowns typical of Muslim identity, and for the last few years he’s witnessed a change in women preferences towards apparels that better suite their Muslim identity.

And now he imports these Islamic clothes for women from different countries as the demand for such getup increases.

Way back in early 90's a women's group launched a campaign for Islamic dress code in the region, but that failed. Now, this new wave of Islamic awakening and identity has attracted more women.

Kashmir is a Muslim-dominated region controlled by India and Pakistan in parts, struggling hard for becoming an independent state. For the last two and a half decades Kashmir has been the scene of increasing conflict between the two countries; while India wants Kashmir to retain its secular status, Pakistan is seeking to control Kashmir for its majority Muslims.

Observers believe the change in the Kashmiri women’s mindset to choose more Islamic outfits is the result of a sweeping wave of Islamic awakening. The influence remains a beacon of inspiration for the people across the Indian subcontinent. The valley is now home to Over eight million Muslims 

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