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Tuesday, March 4, 2014

Sharjah to host world’s greatest oratorio on history of Islam

Sharjah : Celebrating the selection of Sharjah as the Islamic Culture Capital of the Arab region 2014, the emirate is all set to host the world’s greatest oratorio about the story of Islam called ‘The Clusters of Light’.

The show will be performed from March 26 to April 5 at the Open Majaz Island Theater, marking the inauguration of the festivities on winning the title. Sheikh Sultan Bin Ahmed Al-Qasimi, Executive Committee Chairman for the Sharjah Capital of Islamic Culture 2014 celebrations, said that five epical performances will dramatize the journey back to the times of darkness, struggle and challenges that led Muslim believers to the beginnings of Islam and tell the story of its great early accomplishments.

“It will be a gift from Sharjah to the entire world that celebrates Islam and its history,” Sheikh Sultan said. “We are confident that the audience will witness a show so spectacular that it will remain in their memories forever.” He said that this ground-breaking performance is the culmination of the vision of Dr. Sheikh Sultan Bin Mohammed Al-Qasimi, Supreme Council Member and Ruler of Sharjah, to celebrate human values of Islam. ‘The Clusters of Light’ is a monumental artistic theatrical display through which the Emirate of Sharjah seeks to provide a true picture of Islam, and its human values that promote peace and love,” he added.

Termed as the largest theatrical and musical production ever to be made, the oratorio includes the use of a choir, soloists, an ensemble, various distinguishable characters, and arias. It was written by Saudi poet Dr. Abdul Rahman Al-Ashmawi, and composed by Bahraini artiste Khalid Al-Sheikh.

More than 200 performers from around the world will participate in this musical composition led by four Arab stars, Hussein Al-Jasmi, Lotfi Bouchnak, Ali El-Hajjar, and Mohammed Assaf. The oratorio will include a narration of the biography of Prophet Muhammad (peace be upon him).

A short film about the display’s production, which will include filming tours in several Arab and foreign countries, will also be shown. The Sharjah Capital of Islamic Culture 2014 celebrations include more than 24 heritage, tourism, cultural, and construction projects, as well as more than 100 activities throughout the emirate over the year. The Open Majaz Island Theater, the first of its kind in the region, is the official venue for the celebrations. It is a semi-circular theater, reminiscent of ancient Roman designs, covering an area of over 7,200 sq. meters. It can accommodate up to 4,500. A Dh13-million bridge between the man-made island and Khalid Lagoon Street serves as an easy access for visitors to the Open Majaz Island Theater.

Sharjah was named the Capital of Islamic Culture for 2014 on the basis of its rich history and contribution to preserving and promoting culture throughout the region. The decision was made in 2004 within the framework of the Islamic Culture Capital Program, which is sponsored and administered by the Islamic Organization for Education, Science and Culture.

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